Vehicle Servicing: Tire Battery

N2 Tire inflator:

  • Better MPG: Nitrogen filled tire bleed presure slower than compressed air.
  • Longer Life-Time: A properly inflated tire wears slower if a nitrogen filed tire does not lose pressure as quickly you can expect longer life.
  • Oxidation is blocked: Oxygen causes oxidation, oxidation can make rubber brittle, increasing the change of a blow-out Nitrogen in the tire blocks the oxidation of internal rubber.
  • Nitrogen is a green alternative: Nitrogen has the potential of being greener for the world. As Nitrogen filled tires maintain proper pressure, achiving better gas mileage, reduce emmisions and longer tire life.

Tire service:
  1. Remove tire from rim.
  2. Inspect inside and outside.
  3. Repair liner to make sure the seal is alright.
  4. Fill puncture.
  5. Remount and Balance.
  6. Check your spare to sure you are ready for next time.

Battery Service:

One of the thing that most of us never think to check batteries periodically. Often the one thing that can leave you stuck on side of the road. Let us inspect your battery today to measure its level of charge and stability. We sell batteries of several brands including Navana, Volvo, Hamko, Locus, Yosa (Japan), etc.

  • Now a days maintenance free battery are frequently recommended by  the manufacturer of the car this battery need not any period any amaintanance.
  • Whith maintanance battery need frequently check-up and maintanance.
  • This type of battery need shedule and period maintenance we AKIJ Motors help customers to perform this dutys.

Note: Wheather its is use or not with maintanance battery need maintanance and checkup.

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