AKIJ Medium Duty Cargo Truck (Rof Rof Plus) 7.0 Ton Diesel

Rof Rof Plus 7.0 Ton Light Duty Truck

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Model RafRaf
Engine YC4D130-33, DIESEL, DIRECT INJECTION, 4 Cylinder, Inline Water Cooled, TURBO CHARGER, INTERCOOLER
Displacement (L) 4.214
Max. Power HP 130
Max. Torque (N.m) 380/1400~1800
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Chassis 6810X2080X2400 (Complete vehicle 6998x2226x2520)
Dimensions LxWxH (ft) Chassis 22.34X6.82X7.87 (Complete vehicle 22.96x7.30x8.27)
Cargo dimensions(mm) 16 feet body
Maximum Payload (kg) 3990 kg
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 7600kg
Kerb Mass (kg) 3610
Max speed (km/h) 100
Wheel base (mm) 4530
Tyre 8.25-16 (Rim) Model: 8.250R16
Clutch(mm) 330(mm)
Fuel tank capacity (L) 130
Brake Dual circuit AIR pressure brake
Gear I1= 6.32,I2= 3.927,I3= 2.283,I4= 1.396,I5=1.000,I6= 0.789
Power steering, Power steering, ratio: 21.92
Battery Capacity 24V (2-12/80 Ah)
Chassis Frame Side rails, punching and riveted construction. 216×75×6 (mm)
Auxiliary Chassis frame 140×65×6 rivet weld
Min. Ground Clearance 200 (mm)
Max. Gradeability 32%


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Delivery on both cash and hire purchase.
  2. For hire purchase, minimum down payment is 30%.
  3. Registration & Insurance are free of charge.
  4. Installment period maximum upto 36 months.
  5. 6 times free services.
  6. For covered van body making charge is applicable.

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