Vacuum Truck (4x2)


4x2 Vacuum Truck Technical Specification

  Total weight: 16T
  Manufacturer/model: EQ1141KJ
  PTO Truck transmission
Power: 140kw
  Torque: 700N.m
  Wheelbase: 4500mm
  Overall dimension: 7870×2490×3550
  Curb weight: 9900kg
  Loading weight: 5000kg
  Vacuum tank Suitable for the transport of non hazardous waste products
Pressure/Vacuum tank  
  Shape Cylindrical shaped  
Material: St52
  Capacity: 8000L
  Wall thickness: 4mm
  Head thickness: 4mm
  Design pressure full vacuum  
  Working pressure -0.98bar
  Stiffening ring cold bend U-sectional external stiffening rings  
  Tipping ram Front tipping ram for tank unloading at 45 degree  
  Safety support safety valve for easy working under a tipped tank  
  Liquid level mounted at the rear of tank body. Plugs at the top and bottom of indicator for removing sludge.
Over pressure device over pressure valve at the top of tank

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