AKIJ Light Truck (RafRaf) 4.0 Ton Diesel

4.0 Ton Light Duty Truck

Note: Please call for price.

Model RafRaf
Displacement (L) 4.21
Max. Power HP 130
Max. Torque (N.m) 420/1400~1800
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 6810X2150X2330
Cargo dimensions(mm) 16 and 20 feet body
Maximum Payload (kg) Upto 8.0 ton
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 8000
kerb Mass (kg) 2590
Max speed (km/h) 98
Wheel base (mm) 3860 and 4520/4530
Tyre 7.50 X 16 - 16PR
Clutch(mm) 330
Fuel tank capacity (L) 120
Brake Double circuit AIR braking
Gear I1= 6.315,I2= 3.914,I3= 2.263,I4= 1.393,I5=1,I6= 0.789
Power steering, Power steering,
Battery Capacity 24V
Chassis Frame A Grade strong Chassis Frame. 210×65×(6+4)x800 riveting
Auxiliary Chassis frame 140×65×6 rivet weld
Minimum ground clearan 220
Gradeability 38%


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Delivery on both cash and hire purchase.
  2. For hire purchase, minimum down payment is 30%.
  3. Registration & Insurance are free of charge.
  4. Installment period maximum upto 36 months.
  5. 6 times free services.
  6. For covered van body making charge is applicable.

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