Wheel Balancer

Wheel Balancer for (Private Car)


  • Power: 90W. Max. Rim
  • Diameter: 1100MM
  • Max. Rim Width: 1.5-20".
  • Power Supply: 110V/220V
  • Balancing Speed: 200r/min Max.
  • Wheel Weight: 70kg
  • Rim Diameter: 1-28".
  • Balancing precision: +/-1g.
  • One Balance time: 7s. Second Time
  • Mounting On Precision: <5g
  • Power Supply: 220V


  1. It’s a new product balancer with independent intellectual property rights completely.
  2. The tire lifter can save time and labor when install the tire.
  3. Has the function to shift the car mode to truck mode.
  4. The unbalance weight can be chosen 5 system or 10 system according to the customer requirement.
  5. Have 3 kinds of ALU mode and STA mode.
  6. The pedal brake can make sure the position to put the weight being accurate.
  7. shift between the inch and mm, gram and ounce.



Wheel Balancer for Truck

Features & Specification:

  • Rim Diameter: 10—24”
  • Wheel Diameter: 1200mm
  • Rotating Speed: 100/200rpm
  • Motor power: 25KW
  • CTN .size: 1300×990× 1130
  • Wheel Weight: 200kg
  • Rim Width: 5—20”
  • Balancing Precision: ±1g/±10g
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