Tools Cabinet | Garage Equipment

Tools cabinet by AKIJ Motors


  • Overall Loading Weight: 450kg
  • Material Thickness: 1.0 ‐ 1.5mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 800 × 485 × 1020mm
  • Net Weight: 71kg
  • No. of Drawers: 6


  1. With OI security locks, usage like of over 50,000 time
  2. Safety lock system prevents the drawers from being accidentally open.
  3. Pegboard design on the side to hang tools and various items.
  4. Two reinforcing ribs at the rear panel to prevent vibrations.
  5. Replaceable labels.
  6. One time extrusion molded aluminum alloy handles for years of durability.
  7. Heavy duty ball-bearing slides with a loading capacity of 65kg.
  8. Complete with safety pads on the four corners.
  9. Heavy duty caster with two-way brakes.
  10. Advanced polymer top tray made by one-time cast molding technique to ensure it is firm and durable. The surface of top tray is easy to maintain and clean.
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