Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester

Fuel injector cleaner Fuel Injector


  • Steeples pressure regulation technology brings a small oil pressure fluctuation and wide tuning range.
  • Clean and test both high resistance and low resistance injectors.
  • Solenoid valve controls drainage of oil Graphic interface.
  • LED of the background light,
  • Optional adaptor kit package to cover all injectors of different car makes


  • Power supply: AC220V~50/60Hz, AC110V~50/60Hz;
  • Input load: 350W;
  • Pressure: 0~7bar;
  • Flow test accuracy: ± 2%;
  • Rotation simulated: 0~9999rpm, Step: 10rpm;
  • Pulse width: 0.1~30ms, Step: 0.1ms;
  • Ultrasonic timing range1~30min;
  • Dimensions: 650*620*1400MM
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