ATF Changer

ATF Changer (CVT Gear Fluid Changing Option)



1. Automatically identify out and return flow direction of the fluid, preventing adverse consequences of disoperation.
2. The electronic valve controls the flow direction, preventing cross contamination of the new and old fluid.
3. Power supply has positive and negative self-correcting recognition function, to avoid damage to equipment control unit.
4. Monitored by electronic load cell and flow sensor to double ensure that replacement precision.
5. The usage of integrated function all pipe line modules ensure reliable operation of equipment
6. Variety of alarm/indication information and automatic protection measures prevents damage to Automatic Transmission System.
7. Membrane keypad, LCD screen, Printer, simple operation, abound and human.



Power supplyAC220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Automatic identification of out and return direction
Length of out and return hose: 3m
Drainage hose1m
Capacity of old/new fluid drum25L
Load cell range80kg
Exchange accuracy±100ml
Detergent bottle capacity: 500ml
LCD display105.5*67.2mm, 480RGB x 272 Dots,TFT full color
Pressure gauge range0~150psi (1-10Bar)

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