AC Work Station

A/C Service Station


  • Power supply: AC220V±10%~50/60Hz, 110V±10%~60Hz
  • Vacuum pump: 120L/Min
  • Import compressor: 3/8hp (Dan foss compressor, optional)
  • Load cell accuracy (gas cylinder): ±10g
  • working pressure: 20bar
  • Dry filter: 600ml
  • Gas cylinder volume: 13.6L
  • Vapor refrigerant recovery speed: 250g/min
  • Liquid refrigerant recovery speed: 350g/min(optional)
  • Large LCD display
  • Abundant a/c database (can be update) with Printer
  • New and old oil bottle capacity: 330ml
  • Load cell accuracy (oil bottle): ±5g
  • Heater band: optional
  • UV dye leak kit: optional
  • Language: English, French, Polish, Turkish, German, Russia, Serbia, Croatian, Czech, Spanish, Chinese, etc. and other language pre request


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