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Late: Sk. AkijuddinAkij Group, a privately-held company is one of the leading industrial groups in Bangladesh. Initially, it started with trading business in a humble way in early 1940 by Late Sheikh Akijuddin and later on he involved himself into manufacturing of handmade cigarettes (BIRI) & Jute business in 1950. His main vision & mission was to create employment for the countrymen by establishing various industries in different areas of the country. To achieve this goal, he worked hard with honesty, punctuality, loyalty & ethics throughout his whole life. As a result, under the dynamic leadership of the founder of Akij Group successfully diversified into various industrial & commercial units under one fold to become a large conglomerate. Such as Handmade Cigarettes (BIRI), Cigarette, Jute, Crust & Finished Leather, Footwear, Textile, Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarette, Safety Matches, Printing & Packaging, Particle Board, Food & Beverage, Cement, Ceramic, Crocodile Farming, Stock Brokerages, Computer Hardware & Software, Chain CNG Refueling Stations & Automobiles are some of the major ones. As one of the leading exporters of Bangladesh, we are achieving "Export Trophy" from the government for extraordinary performance in Jute & Leather business. More than 1,00,000 people as staff & officers in different categories are employed by Akij Group. Our group makes a substantial contribution to the government department in charge of public revenue as one of the highest tax paying organization by contributing more than 4% of revenue to the annual national budget of the country. We are member of Dhaka Stock Exchange and associate member of various trade association. Akij group also believes in social profit, which does not measure in terms of money. From these feelings, we contributed & committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by establishing Schools, College, Madrasah, Mosques, Orphanages House & Medical College Hospitals etc.

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AKIJ Motors:
During our last long journey, we gathered a vast experience in transportation & automobile maintenance of our own fleet by manual servicing system. Subsequently, we have established a company with a full range of automobile sales and most modern & digitalized service center named "AKIJ Motors".


AKIJ Motors solely believes in total customer satisfaction with "Trust & Mutual Benefit". With this particular view, the Akij Motors introduces a One Stop Automobile Solution in Bangladesh and proudly announces the affiliation with some of the world's renowned automobile & garage equipment manufacturers. We are working with those manufacturing companies whose products are exported to many countries of the world. They are also involved in assembling & manufacturing some of the world famous brands. These products have achieved & established an important position in the automobile & related service markets across the continent. Akij Motors service center installs modern, digitalized & advanced technological repairing and maintenance equipment and some of these are going to be introduced for the first time in Bangladesh.



Sister Concern of AKIJ Group:

  • AKIJ Motors
  • AKIJ Computer Ltd.
  • AKIJ Online Ltd.
  • AKIJ Gas Station Ltd.
  • AKIJ Gas Company Ltd.
  • AKIJ Automotive Ltd.
  • AKIJ Wildlife Farm Ltd.
  • AKIJ Resort Ltd.
  • AKIJ Securities Ltd.
  • AKIJ Printing & Packages Ltd.
  • AKIJ Match Factory Ltd.
  • AKIJ Textile Mills Ltd.
  • AKIJ Particle Mills Ltd.
  • AKIJ Food & Beverage Ltd.
  • AKIJ Cement Company Ltd.
  • AKIJ Transport Agency Ltd.
  • AKIJ Biri Factory Ltd.
  • AKIJ Zarda Factory Ltd.
  • AKIJ Ceramic Ltd.
  • AKIJ Agro Processing Ltd.
  • AKIJ Shiping Line Ltd.
  • AKIJ Jute Mills Ltd.
  • AKIJ Plastics Ltd.
  • AKIJ Footwear Ltd.
  • AFIL Agro Ltd.
  • AFIL Paper Mills Ltd.
  • AFIL Jute Mills Ltd.
  • AFIL Bricks Ltd.
  • Dhaka Tobacco Industries Ltd.
  • Navaran Printing and Packages Ltd.
  • SAF Industries Ltd.
  • Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
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